Parenting Partners (Separation Consultancy)

Guiding your family through the separation process.

Parenting Partners (Separation Consultancy)

Separation can be a challenging time for all parties involved, especially children. At Nightingale, we specialise in helping parents who are going through this process and want to prioritise their children’s needs and best interests.

Establishing a working partnership

Our ‘Parenting Partners’ service is designed for separating couples with children and provides expert guidance and support throughout this difficult time. Our primary goal is to establish a working parenting partnership that ensures long-term cooperation and conflict avoidance, preventing unnecessary suffering for children. Additionally, our sessions offer a necessary reality check into the separation process that parents will undertake.

Our Separation Consultant, Lynda, has a background in law and extensive experience working with children and families. She understands first-hand the emotional toll that separation can have on children and emphasises the importance of setting aside disputes and prioritising their well-being during this time.

Prioritising you children’s needs in the separation process

Your children deserve nothing but love, tenderness, and reassurance from both parents, especially during times of separation. As parents, it is crucial to work together and prioritise your children’s well-being, and our ‘Parenting Partners’ service can help you achieve this.

By choosing our service, you demonstrate to your children that they are loved and valued. We also seek to support parents during this difficult and emotionally challenging time, providing tailored advice, information, and practical support. We will be here for you every step of the way, offering straight-forward and practical guidance.

Get in touch

At Nightingale, we understand that separation is challenging, but with the right support in place, you can help your children navigate this transition with minimal harmful effects. If you need help finding the right solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We are here to help you and your children.

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