Making a difference with Mediation

Mediation that brings about resolution and healing

Making a difference with Mediation

Experiencing a family breakdown can be deeply distressing, as it can be challenging to navigate through the anger, hurt, and frustration that often arise in such situations.

However, mediation offers a valuable solution by minimising conflict and fostering improved communication, enabling families to make practical and well-informed decisions.

As mediators, we are well-aware of the complexities that accompany family life. Guiding your family through significant life events such as separation, divorce, and family restructuring can be difficult and emotionally painful. During these times, family relationships can become strained or even broken. This is where mediation plays a vital role in facilitating resolution and healing.

Non-judgemental Mediation

In our role as a mediators, we wholeheartedly believe in maintaining neutrality and avoiding judgment when working with parents and their children. We understand that as parents, you have the best understanding of your family’s needs. However, on occasion, we may offer suggestions for both parties to consider.

We also provide mediation services for intergenerational family conflicts. It can be incredibly challenging when an extended family member crosses boundaries that directly affect you, especially if it’s a member of your partner’s family.

Regardless of the family members involved, the mediation process is designed to assist in resolving these conflicts.

In our work with families, we prioritise meeting with all parties involved and truly listening to their perspectives. It is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the family dynamic and the specific issues causing the conflict. Moreover, the voluntary participation of all individuals involved is of utmost importance to the success of the mediation process.

Our Mediation Experience

Over the years, Nightingale’s mediation work has proven successful in assisting countless families and friends in resolving seemingly insurmountable issues.

With our extensive experience, comprehensive training, and non-judgmental approach, we are dedicated to helping you and your family overcome the challenges you are facing. Our aim is to guide you towards finding effective solutions and fostering positive communication, ultimately leading to resolution and healing.

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