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Where relationships are our business! Collectively we have over a 100 years’ experience working with couples, individual clients and psychosexual clients.
About Nightingale marriage counselling
About Nightingale marriage counselling
About Nightingale marriage counselling
About Nightingale marriage counselling

Our founder, senior couple counsellor, mentor, trainer, and clinical director at Nightingale is Florence Gray. With over 20 years of experience, Florence is a leading authority in couple and relationship counselling.

She has developed her own unique style of couple counselling that focuses on communication issues between couples. Additionally, she offers couple counselling training to qualified individual counsellors who want to specialise in this area.

At Nightingale, we have a highly skilled team of couple and psychosexual counsellors, ensuring that our clients are in safe and capable hands. We take pride in our profession and have all put in a lot of time, effort, and resources to attain our qualifications. We truly love what we do and are passionate about helping our clients reconnect in their relationships.

Florence has very high standards for all the practitioners she works with, handpicking each one based on their training, qualifications, experience, warmth, sense of humour, and commitment to excellence. This ensures that we provide you with an exceptional and effective service.

Florence not only helps manage the therapists at Nightingale, but she also trains and mentors them. She is passionate about the profession and the positive changes that therapy brings to individuals and couples.

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When you decide to take that step into counselling, facing a waiting list can be very disappointing. We want to see you ASAP as we know you are ready now.


Every member of our team has undergone specialist couple counselling training for three years with Glasgow Marriage Counselling, Relationship Scotland or Relate before offering private counselling sessions.


This means you are in safe hands. We have worked with thousands of couples, individuals and psychosexual clients.


We offer evening and weekend appointments in addition to our daytime availability. Each session lasts between 50 and 90 minutes, depending on your individual circumstances.


The first session with your counsellor will always be an assessment session. The counsellor will gather information, ask lots of questions and encourage you to ask questions about the process.


Every client is unique therefore we build a bespoke support plan especially for you. We will also use worksheets, homework and directed reading.


We believe it is vitally important to align your specific requirements to the most effective counsellor and counselling model.


When you complete your counselling process, we like you to capture what you have changed and learned from your counselling experience. This becomes your aide-memoire for continued success.

Florence Gray

“Florence is a 'rolls the sleeves up' couple counsellor with a fantastic sense of humour, which helped especially in the really tough moments.”

Our senior couple counselling consultant and founder, Florence, has her son to thank for the Nightingale name. When he was tiny, Jack loved the story of Florence Nightingale and was incredibly proud that his mum shared her first name. Given that Florence’s goal is to help her clients find health and happiness, Jack didn’t hesitate, aged 8, when his mum asked for ideas for the name of her new business: Nightingale was the only option!

Florence has had the pleasure and privilege of helping countless couples resolve their differences and re-establish an emotional connection. Florence was originally trained by Glasgow Marriage Counselling Service, the sister company of RELATE, where she was selected to train with them in 1999 over a three-year period. Florence is passionate about her work and the changes she helps to facilitate.

With this wealth of knowledge and experience, she decided to expand our service provision in 2007. Apart from working with some clients, she’s perfectly placed to select, manage and supervise the practitioners who work within Nightingale and run our exceptional private practice.

Prior to counselling, Florence had a long and successful career working in Glasgow and London in a variety of large corporate organisations, both as an internal and external consultant. During this time, she gained expertise in coaching, training, NLP, consultancy and business development. Florence works with couples, individuals, and organisations in counselling, personal development, coaching, training and consultancy.

Nightingale Marriage Counselling Founder Florence

“Florence is a 'rolls the sleeves up' counsellor with a fantastic sense of humour, which helped especially in the tough moments.  We arrived at Florence, sceptical of counselling, really struggling to communicate with each other and on the verge of (reluctantly) separating.  Florence’s frankness and compassionate holistic approach helped us consider the whole relationship and unpick the origin of the problem.  We are now able to healthily argue and are, we believe, on the road to a more intimate lifelong relationship.”


What our clients are saying...

I went to Florence at what I hope will be the lowest point of my life. I was scared, confused and sceptical that I could find a way through. As soon as we met, I knew I’d gone to the right person. Florence has an incredible ability to guide and challenge you. Gently pushing with honesty, compassion, warmth, sensitivity and humour to confront fears, accept truths and regrets, and gain clarity. Together we untangled complex emotions and behaviours, enabling me to build an understanding of myself and others I could never have achieved by myself. I now know that whatever life throws at me I have the self-awareness to get through it – the storm will pass. Life is good.”

Senior Counsellor: Florence

I was in a state of emotional turmoil; my relationships were at rock bottom and I could not get through my work – none of which I understood. Was I having a mid-life crisis? In sheer desperation, I contacted Nightingale to see if counselling might help. Florence provided a secure environment, in which she carefully led me along a path of self-discovery, empowering me to understand the origin of and influences on my own character, behaviours, and emotions. With Florence’s continued guidance I started to see more clearly the direct causes of the emotional turmoil, and how this was affecting all areas of my life. Knowledge really is power! This clarity provided a solid foundation for the next stage of identifying, assessing and planning how I might change my life to restore emotional balance and happiness.”

Senior Counsellor: Florence

I am sitting writing this testimonial at the kitchen table, my husband sitting across from me. Three years ago I would never have believed that we would still be together, never mind find the happiness that we have after such an awful time. This is all thanks to the help and guidance we received from Florence at Nightingale marriage counselling.
Our counselling sessions with Florence were gruelling. She is tough, kind, candid and funny. She made us think, she made us work at us and she made us cry and she made us laugh. Florence kept us together. We had attended counselling sessions at other widely advertised places and quite honestly I think they were more interested in helping us split up amicably. Thank goodness a friend recommended Florence to us.
We are celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary next month and we are truly grateful to Florence for helping us reach this milestone.

Senior Couple Counsellor: Florence

By the time we arrived at Nightingale, it felt as though it was already too late. We could barely speak to each other without anger or tears and there seemed to be no common ground. Sessions with Florence gave us space and a safe place to talk. Slowly and sensitively she helped us explore how we had reached this point and to think about how we might move forward. We developed a new understanding of what had led to our growing apart and empathy for each other’s feelings.

Senior Couple Counsellor: Florence

Our Counsellors

Working with a nightingale couple counsellor will bring an immediate sense of relief as they listen without judgement and provide honest reflection as you work through your challenges to find comfort and resolution.

With a really strong team of couple and psychosexual counsellors at nightingale you can feel safe in the knowledge that you are in very safe hands I am immensely proud of our team and nightingale. We all feel privileged to work in our profession. We all worked hard and sacrificed time, emotion and money to get our qualifications, we all had a vision that we knew we would love what we call work. It is an amazing feeling to love what you do and feel the enthusiasm we feel for our clients and the work we do together.

Florence has very high standards for all her practitioners — she only works with the very best. She handpicks each counsellor and psychologist based on their training, qualifications, experience, warmth, sense of humour and commitment to excellence. To ensure we bring you an exceptional service.

When engaging the services of a Marriage / Relationship / Couple or Psychosexual Counsellor, it is vitally important to feel secure in the knowledge that the Couple Counsellor has their roots and expertise in Couple Counselling. Engaging in Couple Counselling with an unqualified Couple Counsellor can be counterproductive and can often leave clients feeling disillusioned, frustrated and confused.

Marriage, couple, relationship and psychosexual counselling is very specialised work and should only be undertaken by qualified couple counsellors. All Nightingale Couple Counsellors will have trained for at three years with Glasgow Marriage Counselling Service, Relate or Relationship Scotland. Psychosexual counsellors will have trained for a further two years.

The models of counselling we use are psychodynamic, trans actual analysis, CBT -cognitive behavioural therapy, gestalt, ACT – acceptance and commitment therapy and mindfulness, we also use the three core skills underpinning person – centred counselling and other models associated with all the above.

All our couple counsellors are qualified to advanced certificate and diploma level specifically trained for couple counselling, relationship counselling and psychosexual counselling. At Nightingale we are all governed by a code of ethics and practice of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy BACP. Some of us have also undertaken the BACP national test for counsellors to ensure we are registered as participants fit to practice.

Some of our counsellors are accredited to the confederation of Scottish counselling agencies COSCA. Our psychosexual counsellors are accredited to the (College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists) COSRT and our psychologists accredited to Health and care professions council HCPC and are educated to doctorate level.

All the therapists are committed to Continuous professional development CPD to ensure we are offering the most effective and up-to-date practice and methodologies.

Our Most Requested Services

Marriage Counselling & Relationship Counselling

Where Relationships are our Business

Couple counselling goes way beyond having an unbiased shoulder to cry on

If anger, resentment and bitterness have become the hallmarks of your relationship, contact us now.

When you’re having marriage, couple or relationship issues, it’s natural to want to talk about it. Unfortunately, turning to those around you and close to you isn’t the best option. What you really need is the independent ear of a couple counsellor who can view your relationship without bias or emotional attachment; who won’t take sides and will listen to both of you independently without interruption. The process of couple counselling gives you a safe place to discuss the things that are difficult to talk about, and the things that you wouldn’t dream of saying to anyone else.

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Nightingale Marriage Counselling Psychosexual

Psychosexual Counselling

We guarantee an appointment within 48hours

For many people a sexual relationship is the most fulfilling, exciting and intimate encounter they have with another person. If however the sexual relationship is not going so well, then the feelings and pleasures of giving and receiving sexual enjoyment very often becomes a source of conflict, distress and sadness.

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Nightingale Individual Relationship Counselling

Individual Relationship Counselling

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Relationship counselling can also be beneficial for individuals recovering from the break-up of a close couple relationship, allowing for a better understanding of why the relationship ended. Having a third party perspective can sometimes help you see recurring patterns in failed relationships and help prompt a personal change.

The way we relate to others in all of our relationships are learned at a young age from our family of origin. We can become stuck with unhealthy, unhelpful attitudes and habits that restrict us from having healthy, nourishing relationships with partners, relations or work colleagues and others we have relationships with.

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Nightingale Marriage Counselling Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching

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Coaching enables couples to discover their potential and maximise their ability to achieve significant success in their personal, couple and professional lives.

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