Are you struggling to communicate?

We don’t take sides and will listen to both of you independently without interruption.

When communication has broken down and you are entrenched in unhealthy patterns of behaviour, it’s time to get in touch.

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Are you struggling to communicate?

We don’t take sides and will listen to both of you independently without interruption.

Even the strongest couples can face challenges in their relationship – seeking help isn’t a sign of failure, it’s a huge sign of strength.

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Are you struggling to communicate?

We don’t take sides and will listen to both of you independently without interruption.

Couple counselling will allow you to explore the root of your relationship problems and ultimately find your way forward in a healthy, loving way.

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Welcome to Nightingale Marriage Counselling

At Nightingale Marriage Counselling, we collectively have 100 years’ experience working with couples, individual clients and psychosexual clients”

We offer appointments in Charing Cross, Westend and Southside of Glasgow

Florence Gray, who founded Nightingale is our senior couple counsellor and managing director, with over 20 years’ experience she is a leading authority in couple and relationship counselling.

At Nightingale, all of our couple and psychosexual counsellors, including Florence, are all trained with Glasgow Marriage Counselling Service the sister company of RELATE. Collectively we have 100 years’ experience working with couples. We are delighted to know we have helped countless couples resolve their differences and re-establish an emotional connection. Our testimonials will help you to feel safe in our hands.

To arrange an initial telephone assessment appointment with Florence, please call our friendly receptionist on 0141 353 9373, drop us an email or if you prefer, complete our enquiry form and Florence will get back to you within a few hours.

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When you decide to take that step into counselling, facing a waiting list can be very disappointing. We want to see you ASAP as we know you are ready now.


Every member of our team has undergone specialist couple counselling training for three years with Glasgow Marriage Counselling, Relationship Scotland or Relate before offering private counselling sessions.


This means you are in safe hands. We have worked with thousands of couples, individuals and psychosexual clients.


We offer evening and weekend appointments in addition to our daytime availability. Each session lasts between 50 and 90 minutes, depending on your individual circumstances.


The first session with your counsellor will always be an assessment session. The counsellor will gather information, ask lots of questions and encourage you to ask questions about the process.


Every client is unique therefore we build a bespoke support plan especially for you. We will also use worksheets, homework and directed reading.


We believe it is vitally important to align your specific requirements to the most effective counsellor and counselling model.


When you complete your counselling process, we like you to capture what you have changed and learned from your counselling experience. This becomes your aide-memoire for continued success.

How does it work?

We tailor our counselling style to you...

Couple Counselling provides a safe environment and an opportunity for a couple to talk about how they are feeling and behaving towards each other, so they can explore alternatives that can help them move forward and reconnect.

After speaking to our friendly receptionists your details will be passed to Florence, who will contact you within a few hours. Her aim is to assess your situation, align you to the most appropriate counselling model and then place you with a counsellor to best suit your needs. She will answer any questions you may have and secure a suitable appointment for you.

We understand that issues surrounding relationships are best addressed immediately and therefore we aim to offer you an appointment as soon as possible. We do have a very busy diary; however, we always keep a few free appointments every day to ensure we are able to respond quickly to our clients’ needs. If you prefer to contact us by email, please use the contact form. Again, we will respond to your enquiry as soon as we possibly can.

After we decide on a suitable appointment, Florence will pass your details to Kim, our practice manager. She will send you an email confirmation of your appointment and information about our services, which will include our terms and conditions and payment methods.

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Nightingale Marriage Counselling

Our Most Requested Services

Marriage Counselling & Relationship Counselling

Where Relationships are our Business

Couple counselling goes way beyond having an unbiased shoulder to cry on

If anger, resentment and bitterness have become the hallmarks of your relationship, contact us now.

When you’re having marriage, couple or relationship issues, it’s natural to want to talk about it. Unfortunately, turning to those around you and close to you isn’t the best option. What you really need is the independent ear of a couple counsellor who can view your relationship without bias or emotional attachment; who won’t take sides and will listen to both of you independently without interruption. The process of couple counselling gives you a safe place to discuss the things that are difficult to talk about, and the things that you wouldn’t dream of saying to anyone else.

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Nightingale Marriage Counselling Psychosexual

Psychosexual Counselling

We guarantee an appointment within 48hours

For many people a sexual relationship is the most fulfilling, exciting and intimate encounter they have with another person. If however the sexual relationship is not going so well, then the feelings and pleasures of giving and receiving sexual enjoyment very often becomes a source of conflict, distress and sadness.

To find out more of book an appointment call us us on 0141 353 9373 or select an option below…

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Nightingale Individual Relationship Counselling

Individual Relationship Counselling

We guarantee an appointment within 48hours

Relationship counselling can also be beneficial for individuals recovering from the break-up of a close couple relationship, allowing for a better understanding of why the relationship ended. Having a third party perspective can sometimes help you see recurring patterns in failed relationships and help prompt a personal change.

The way we relate to others in all of our relationships are learned at a young age from our family of origin. We can become stuck with unhealthy, unhelpful attitudes and habits that restrict us from having healthy, nourishing relationships with partners, relations or work colleagues and others we have relationships with.

To find out more of book an appointment call us us on 0141 353 9373 or select an option below…

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Nightingale Marriage Counselling Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching

We guarantee an appointment within 48hours

Coaching enables couples to discover their potential and maximise their ability to achieve significant success in their personal, couple and professional lives.

To find out more of book an appointment call us us on 0141 353 9373 or select an option below…

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What our clients are saying...

Florence saved our marriage and our family. We first came to Nightingale at our wit’s end, struggling with cultural differences and the challenges of parenting a toddler and a new baby. We both felt separation was imminent, however, Florence managed to help us through such a difficult time.
Her “no-nonsense” approach was exactly what we needed. She helped us strip our relationship back to the foundations, get rid of the negative cycle we found ourselves in and begin to appreciate each other again as spouses and as parents. We are both so glad we found Florence and greatly appreciative of everything she has done for us. She is a lovely, lovely lady with a great sense of humour. Thank you, Florence

Senior Couple Counsellor: Florence

Working with Florence was such a positive experience. I would highly recommend her to any couples who may be considering counselling.
Counselling seemed like a very daunting process prior to meeting Florence but she made us both feel at ease and we left after each session feeling revitalised and positive. Our relationship is stronger than ever and we are both eternally grateful for the work Florence did with us. Thank you so very much.”

Senior Couple Counsellor: Florence

My visit to Florence was my first experience of counselling. I felt instantly understood and relieved at being able to talk it all through which was balm to my soul. My husband and I visited Florence together which was so very helpful in seeing each other through different eyes. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nightingales to anyone in need of direction

Senior Couple Counsellor: Florence

We would never have believed the changes that Florence has made to our relationship; we really thought we were on the verge of separating. Our relationship is work in progress but 100% better than the 1st day we set foot in her room. Florence is very easy to talk to and has taught us that our differences in nature are what make us work as a couple. She has amazing insight. This is evident in how well she knows and can read us both as individuals. Florence has not only helped us with our relationship but, in turn, helped us deal with our own life experiences, past and present. We definitely know ourselves as individuals so much better. We can’t thank Florence enough and would recommend her counselling to anyone.

Senior Couple Counsellor: Florence

Online Counselling

Providing you with the tools you need to take the next step.

Technology is rapidly changing the ways we can interact with each other, and counselling is no exception. This
service can be provided upon request. For the below options you will need broadband/internet connection and
somewhere quiet and private you can speak without being overheard or interrupted. Your Counsellor will agree with
you what happens should the technology fail, but in all other respects the counselling relationship will be the same
as a ‘face to face’ one. The Counsellor will speak to you from a private room ...

Phone Counselling

The service will connect you with the counsellor on your mobile phone. Sessions for telephone counselling are between 30 minutes to an hour.

ZOOM Counselling

‘Zoom’ requires you to download the ‘Zoom’ application and set up an account. You will also need a PC, laptop, or smartphone with a webcam.

FACETIME Counselling

To access counselling through ‘FaceTime’ you will need a device with the ‘FaceTime’ App installed (such as an Apple Mac, MacBook, or IPad).

Microsoft Teams

We can also use Microsoft Teams to host appointments. Similar to Zoom, you need to download the Microsoft Teams app to your computer, laptop, or smartphone.

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