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Couple Counselling

Nightingale Counselling, where relationships are our business!

“If you think you need marriage guidance, you do, and don’t ignore the warning signs."

Highly trained, professional Couple Counsellors.

All our Couple Counsellors were trained over a three year period by Glasgow Marriage Counselling Service, the sister company of Relate, now known as relationship Scotland. Our Psychosexual Counsellors trained for a further 2 years with Relationship Scotland. Three of our Couple Counsellors have over 20 years experience including Florence, our senior Couples Counsellor and Managing Director. All of our Couples Counsellors have vast experience in working with couples who have a desire to improve their relationships. Working with a qualified Couples Counsellor makes a world of difference to the quality and outcome of the work.

If anger, resentment, bitterness, and bickering have become the hallmarks of your relationship, contact us now. Don’t leave it.

During this time of lockdown, we have seen an increased demand for our couple counselling services. Couples are spending more time together than ever before so for some, the effect of this forced transition is affecting their relationship. We offer appointments face to face (limited at the moment), or online using Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp.

Remote Counselling

Be rest assured, there is no failure in coming to work on your relationship with a Couples Counsellor, in fact, you are showing the greatest commitment you can to your partner and your relationship, and a commitment to sort it and make it better.

That’s where we come in.

Engaging with a Couples Counsellor

All relationships can be challenging at times. That is a statement of fact. None of us are perfect, we are all flawed, we will inevitably draw on the relationship we grew up around and form our behaviours within a relationship from there. Therefore, we will be responsible for some of the issues within our couple relationship. Whether you are married, getting married, a same-sex couple, living together or in a couple relationship, deciding to engage in couple counselling is a positive step to resolving and building a better relationship than the one you had before couple counselling.


The most common challenges we work with around couples are:

  • Communication breakdown
  • Affairs
  • Online infidelity
  • Sexual issues
  • Parenting / Stepfamilies
  • In-laws

Our aim is to enable you to:

    • Open the lines of communication
    • Develop listening skills and empathic understanding of your partners point of view
    • Ensure each person is heard without interruption
    • Help you both to change the way you communicate with each other
    • Help to look at the negative patterns or behaviours from past parental influences that are playing out in your relationship now
    • Get an understanding of what a good couple relationship looks like
    • Promote a deeper level of self-awareness and awareness of your partner
    • Learn strategies which you can draw on to stay on track
    • Build your own relationship rules around your changes
    • Set relationship goals and commit to them

For more information please contact the Nightingale Counselling team on 0141 353 9373 or by clicking here, to discuss how we can help you, your partner and your relationships.

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“Our relationship was ruined with constant arguments, anger, frustration, and plenty of tears. Our Couples Counsellor taught us both how to listen, communicate, appreciate and understand each other. Thank you for saving us!”

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