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Where relationships are our business! Collectively we have over a 100 years’ experience working with couples, individual clients and psychosexual clients.
About Nightingale

We appreciate that you may be nervous when you come along for the first time, which is why we’ve designed our consulting rooms to feel like the interior design equivalent of a great big hug! Here you’ll feel comfortable, calm and secure in the ideal environment to begin your journey.

We’re conveniently located, facing Kelvingrove Park at 5 La Belle Place, Glasgow, G3 7LH. Parking is available directly outside the building. We know that you may not feel like shouting about seeking our services, so privacy and confidentiality are the cornerstones of what we do, right down to offering clients a private entrance. There is a ground-level entrance to the building to accommodate wheelchairs and anyone who needs to avoid stairs.

We offer evening and weekend appointments in addition to our daytime availability. Each session lasts between 50 and 90 minutes, depending on your individual needs, and will be carried out in our warm and welcoming Glasgow-based counselling rooms.


Our Motivation

Please read our testimonials many couples have been where you are today, and these testimonials let’s you see where they are now. So, let’s get to work and get those lines of communication open.

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Below are a few of the issues we work with on a regular basis.


What our clients are saying...

I went to Florence at what I hope will be the lowest point of my life. I was scared, confused and sceptical that I could find a way through. As soon as we met, I knew I’d gone to the right person. Florence has an incredible ability to guide and challenge you. Gently pushing with honesty, compassion, warmth, sensitivity and humour to confront fears, accept truths and regrets, and gain clarity. Together we untangled complex emotions and behaviours, enabling me to build an understanding of myself and others I could never have achieved by myself. I now know that whatever life throws at me I have the self-awareness to get through it – the storm will pass. Life is good.”

Senior Counsellor: Florence

I was in a state of emotional turmoil; my relationships were at rock bottom and I could not get through my work – none of which I understood. Was I having a mid-life crisis? In sheer desperation, I contacted Nightingale to see if counselling might help. Florence provided a secure environment, in which she carefully led me along a path of self-discovery, empowering me to understand the origin of and influences on my own character, behaviours, and emotions. With Florence’s continued guidance I started to see more clearly the direct causes of the emotional turmoil, and how this was affecting all areas of my life. Knowledge really is power! This clarity provided a solid foundation for the next stage of identifying, assessing and planning how I might change my life to restore emotional balance and happiness.”

Senior Counsellor: Florence

I am sitting writing this testimonial at the kitchen table, my husband sitting across from me. Three years ago I would never have believed that we would still be together, never mind find the happiness that we have after such an awful time. This is all thanks to the help and guidance we received from Florence at Nightingale marriage counselling.
Our counselling sessions with Florence were gruelling. She is tough, kind, candid and funny. She made us think, she made us work at us and she made us cry and she made us laugh. Florence kept us together. We had attended counselling sessions at other widely advertised places and quite honestly I think they were more interested in helping us split up amicably. Thank goodness a friend recommended Florence to us.
We are celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary next month and we are truly grateful to Florence for helping us reach this milestone.

Senior Couple Counsellor: Florence

By the time we arrived at Nightingale, it felt as though it was already too late. We could barely speak to each other without anger or tears and there seemed to be no common ground. Sessions with Florence gave us space and a safe place to talk. Slowly and sensitively she helped us explore how we had reached this point and to think about how we might move forward. We developed a new understanding of what had led to our growing apart and empathy for each other’s feelings.

Senior Couple Counsellor: Florence

Online Counselling

Providing you with the tools you need to take the next step.

Technology is rapidly changing the ways we can interact with each other, and counselling is no exception. This
service can be provided upon request. For the below options you will need broadband/internet connection and
somewhere quiet and private you can speak without being overheard or interrupted. Your Counsellor will agree with
you what happens should the technology fail, but in all other respects the counselling relationship will be the same
as a ‘face to face’ one. The Counsellor will speak to you from a private room ...

Phone Counselling

The service will connect you with the counsellor on your mobile phone. Sessions for telephone counselling are between 30 minutes to an hour.

ZOOM Counselling

‘Zoom’ requires you to download the ‘Zoom’ application and set up an account. You will also need a PC, laptop, or smartphone with a webcam.

FACETIME Counselling

To access counselling through ‘FaceTime’ you will need a device with the ‘FaceTime’ App installed (such as an Apple Mac, MacBook, or IPad).

Microsoft Teams

We can also use Microsoft Teams to host appointments. Similar to Zoom, you need to download the Microsoft Teams app to your computer, laptop, or smartphone.