Remote Counselling

Remote Counselling in action

Anywhere anytime any country

Remote Counselling in action

Remote counselling has always been an effective counselling platform for Nightingale to work from.

We’re speaking with clients online and by telephone on a weekly basis. Our online clients come from all over Scotland, England (especially London), Wales, Australia, America, Asia and everywhere in-between. Our remote counselling clients come to us through recommendations from clients who have worked with us in Glasgow, clients who have moved away but still want to work with us, or clients who find us through a Google search and come and see us when they are here on holiday. We also have some clients who have had counselling sessions with Nightingale whilst in Glasgow on business, and then continue with sessions when they return to their homes in other parts of the UK and abroad. We do have some clients that have found us online and have decided to have remote counselling sessions from the first meeting.

During these changing times, we are so grateful to have been able to extend our service provision to accommodate couples and individuals, offering sessions incredibly early in the morning or later in the evening when kids have gone to bed. The clients who were working with us face-to-face before lockdown, and moved online, have continued to make good progress and stay on track. New clients are also coming to us to work online, which is fab.

Try our free, 15-minute, remote counselling session

If you are thinking about talking to me, or one of our brilliant team, online or picking up your sessions again, please feel free to get in touch for a free 15-minute online consultation to see how you feel. Give our team a call on 0141 353 9373 to find out more.

Change is always a bit scary as we move into the unknown, however, change can bring us opportunities we never considered before. There is no doubt the current pandemic has forced us to change our situation almost overnight and forced us into a transition which can be embraced by some but for others, it can create a spiral of feeling depressed, stressed, worried and anxious. Talking about how you are feeling really helps, whether it is on the phone for half an hour, or online. Just make sure you are listening to yourself and taking care of your emotional self and your relationships.

Until we meet again by whatever platform you choose.

Stay safe stay home and stay connected.


Recommended reading

Recommended reading for this month is ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ and ‘The Present’, both by Dr. Spencer Johnstone. Both books are short, easy to read and send a few powerful messages.

Who Moved My Cheese and The Present


“It has been a fantastic experience working with Florence. My life, both professionally and personally, has transformed through her powerful coaching. She is my ‘life coach’ and has a superb ability to guide you to solutions in your everyday experiences. Florence helped me understand the importance of valuing myself. The results in my work and relationships have been quite amazing. I continue to enjoy my own self-development, whilst working with her. She has helped add a new dimension to my own golf coaching, the power of psychology. This has allowed me to successfully influence my clientele.”

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