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How to choose a Couple Counsellor

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And feel secure in the knowledge that your Couple Counsellor has their roots, training & experience working with Couples.

How to choose a Couple Counsellor

When engaging the services of a Marriage / Relationship / Couple Counsellor, it is vitally important to feel secure in the knowledge that the Couple Counsellor has their roots, training and experience working with Couples.

Engaging in Couple Counselling with an unqualified Couple Counsellor can be counterproductive and can often leave clients feeling disillusioned, frustrated and confused. For these reasons, when choosing a Couple Counsellor, you should ensure that they have:

  • Attained an advance certificate or diploma accredited by a university which specialises in Couple Counselling over a duration of at least three years; trained for at least three years with Glasgow Marriage Counselling Service, the sister company of Relate.
  • Have at least ten years’ experience of working exclusively with couples, individuals and families with relationship issues.
  • Have specific training of at least three years to work with psychosexual issues.
  • Completed their own personal journey in counselling and are committed to continuous professional and personal development.
  • Evidence to support their status as a Couple Counsellor.
  • Supervision on a monthly basis by a qualified Couple Counselling Supervisor.

“ Delivering an exceptional, professional and immediate Marriage/Couple and Relationship Counselling Service for individual’s couples and families experiencing difficulties in their relationships. ”

Nightingale Marriage Counselling was founded in 2002 by Florence Gray, our Senior Counselling Consultant and Managing Director of Nightingale Counselling Consultancy and Nightingale Marriage Counselling. Florence has worked with couples, families and organisations since she qualified with Glasgow Marriage Counselling Service in 2002, the sister company of RELATE now known as Relationship Scotland.

She founded the organisation with the belief that Nightingale will deliver an exceptional, professional and immediate Marriage/Couple and Relationship Counselling Service for individuals, couples and families experiencing difficulties in their relationships. Her belief is that you should be seen quickly, therefore, you will be offered an appointment within 48hours for an initial assessment.

Florence also has a team of associate Couple, Relationship, Family and Psychosexual counsellors who were recruited, developed and supervised by Florence. All of Nightingale’s Couple Counsellors trained for three years and have a wealth of experience gained by working in Glasgow Marriage Counselling Service, the sister company of Relate now known as Relationship Scotland and Scottish Marriage Care. Our psychosexual counsellors have undertaken an additional training programme specific to psychosexual counselling over a three year period.

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