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Couple Counselling was absolutely the last resort for our marriage and neither of us knew what to expect. Our problems seemed so convoluted I wondered where on earth we would begin, but Florence’s direct approach and down to earth manner made us get to the point pretty quickly and, more importantly, stay there. It was a huge relief to talk openly without feeling freakish or judged or pitied. She was able to keep up just enough pressure to keep us moving forward, but without us being overwhelmed at the difficult bits. This approach has been very successful for us and has opened up lines of communication which seemed absolutely beyond reach when we started.

"Florence not only helped us as a couple, but also helped me to develop confidence as an individual. Although she must see lots of clients, I was always amazed at when I walked through the door; it was as if I was the only person that she was helping by always knowing exactly where our last session ended. It felt so personal. She is very approachable and I felt I could tell her things I never thought I would tell ANYONE! Florence can identify your needs and goals even when you don't know them yourself and steers you in the right direction to achieving them. The sessions do not feel like you are talking formally to a professional who is only doing their job, but to a friend that knows you and what you need and genuinely cares. I would, and have recommended Florence to many people and they are all of the shared opinion as myself. Florence has given me the confidence to believe in myself and to deal with any fears/problems that may arise - A Godsend.

Florence and her team have provided me with invaluable professional assistance and guidance in getting my life back on track after a very acrimonious divorce. I needed to re-establish confidence and focus on the positives while dealing with various issues (emotional and sexual) which I had allowed to get in the way of being happy. The benefit of having Florence`s expert help and advice combined with a sympathetic listening ear cannot be overstated and I would recommend Florence to anyone finding life and relationships in a difficult place. The psychosexual counsellor worked with me to overcome my sexual issues and identify where they were coming from. Breaking negative patterns and re-establishing better ones allowed me to reconnect to a healthy loving relationship.

We met Florence when she was assigned to do some marriage counselling with my wife and myself. She was very professional but also willing to intervene to lighten up one or two situations when we were being ridiculously negative. Refreshingly up-beat and didn’t take herself too seriously, though always willing to work at the difficult questions. She always endeavoured to work within our world views rather than imposing hers. She was good at recommending reading and giving us tasks to help move the relationship forward.

If you think you need marriage guidance, you do and don’t ignore the warning signs; anything is fixable if you do it early enough.

I was first introduced to Nightingale Counselling when my marriage was coming to an end. I found our counselling sessions to be a real revelation and learned so much about myself and about what makes relationships tick. I would recommend Florence to anyone who was experiencing relationship difficulties.

My relationship was ruined, constant arguments, anger, frustration and plenty of tears. Florence has taught us both how to listen, communicate, appreciate and understand each other. Thank you for saving us, you are a true mentor.

I was in a state of emotional turmoil, my relationships were at rock bottom and I could not get through my work – none of which I understood. Was I having a mid-life crisis? In sheer desperation I contacted Nightingale to see if counselling might help. Florence provided a secure environment, in which she carefully led me along a path of self-discovery, empowering me to understand the origin of and influences on my own character, behaviours and emotions. With Florence’s continued guidance I started to see more clearly the direct causes of the emotional turmoil, and how this was affecting all areas of my life. Knowledge really is power! This clarity provided a solid foundation for the next stage of identifying, assessing and planning how I might change my life to restore emotional balance and happiness.

I was given Florence's details by a friend in the medical profession, no higher recommendation in my view. I was at the lowest point in my life, hanging by a thread and could see no light at the end of the tunnel. Within days; I was consulting with Florence, starting the hardest but most fruitful journey of my life. Slowly and gently, she started to unpack the baggage that I had been carrying for decades. 18 months later, I am happy and honestly, don't think I have been truly happy until now. That is only due to Florence and her continued work. She is thorough, compassionate and challenging but above all, totally dedicated. Florence picked me up when I wanted to stay down. I am now ready to embark on the next chapter of my life equipped with the tools Florence has given to me. Finally, I like myself and my life. After the rain, the rainbow has arrived, thanks to Florence.

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"By the time we arrived at Nightingale it felt as though it was already too late. We could barely speak to each other without anger or tears and there seemed to be no common ground. Sessions with Florence gave us space and a safe place to talk. Slowly and sensitively she helped us explore how we had reached this point and to think about how we might move forward. We developed a new understanding of what had led to our growing apart and empathy for each other’s feelings. In the end we decided not to stay together, but we have become strong partners and have stayed good terms throughout the separation, mainly because all the hate and hurt had already been dealt with. This has helped our children; our family and our friends come to terms with the situation, and could see that there was a maturity about the way we were able to deal with each other. Personally I am amazed at how much we have both grown through the process and all because we now both feel we have been listened to and understood. Thank you Florence."

Our Counselling Fees:

Individual Sessions £60

Couple Sessions £70

Florence Gray, Our Senior Counselling Consultant, carries her own fee structure. Her fees will be discussed on your initial Assessment Session.

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