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If anger, resentment and bitterness have become the hallmarks of your relationship, it can feel like it’s already too late.

When communication has broken down and you’re entrenched in unhealthy patterns of behaviour, you may feel like you’ve failed.

The good news? It’ isn’t too late and you certainly haven’t failed.

How do we know?

It isn’t too late because you’re here. You haven’t failed because you’ve already proven your determination to improve your relationship and overcome the problems you’re facing.

The Beauty of Couples Counselling

When you’re having relationship or marital problems, it’s natural to want to talk about it. Unfortunately, turning to those around you isn’t always possible or the best option. What you really need is an independent ear — someone who can view your relationship without bias and who won’t take sides. You need an outlet to discuss the things that are difficult to talk about, and the things that you wouldn’t dream of saying to anyone else.

Although, couples therapy goes beyond having an unbiased shoulder to cry on. It’s about finding those light bulb moments that allow you to turn blame, rage, anger, sadness and tears into reconnection, relief, laughter, acceptance and love. It’s about helping you find renewed hope for the future.

What to Expect from Expert Marriage Counselling

An experienced couples counsellor will provide you and your partner will valuable insight both for you as individuals and as a couple. They’ll see the people behind the pain and will help you make sense of your past experiences as well as helping you define and work towards your goals for the future.

Who is Couples Counselling for?

Relationship and marital problems can affect anyone, whether you’re married, engaged, living together, or in a same-sex relationship. We regularly deal with couples experiencing:

  • Communication breakdown
  • Affairs and Infidelity
  • Falling out of love
  • Other relationships
  • Parenting/ Parents
  • Separation and divorce
  • Baby shock
  • Problems with step families and children
  • Money
  • Sexual issues

How Does Counselling Work?

Couples counselling provides a safe environment for both of you to talk about how you’re feeling and about your behaviour towards each other, without judgement and without recrimination. It will allow you to explore the root of your relationship problems and ultimately find your way forward in a healthy, loving way.

When ending a marriage seems to be the best and only possible solution, couple’s counselling can help you find a way to split amicably, softening the blow for you and protecting your children.

The best marriage counselling will:

  • Help you re-open the lines of communication and learn to communicate more effectivel
  • Provide you with a safe environment to share what needs to be shared — even the things that aren’t so easy to say out loud
  • Help you find more productive ways to express anger and frustration
  • Help you recognise negative behaviour patterns and how they might affect your partner
  • Ensure each person has an equal opportunity to share and be heard
  • Help you define what a healthy relationship looks like for you
  • Promote a deeper self-awareness and examine how past relationships with parents and peers can affect present relationships
  • Allow you to develop long-lasting strategies to keep your relationship on track

“My relationship was ruined, constant arguments, anger, frustration and plenty of tears. Florence has taught us both how to listen, communicate, appreciate and understand each other. Thank you for saving us, you are a true mentor”

Finding the Right Couples Counselling for You

Nightingale Marriage Counselling, Glasgow

You’ve proven your commitment to finding your way through this crisis — we owe it to you to show the same level of commitment. This is why we’re one of the only relationship and marriage counselling centres to guarantee that you’ll be working with a counsellor who has at least 15 years of experience behind them.

Our team is headed by Florence, who has a wealth of experience in couple’s counselling. She’s seen firsthand the damage that inexperienced or under-qualified therapists can unwittingly cause, which explains her determination to raise the standard of counselling available to couples who need help.

Florence herself was chosen to train in couple counselling by Glasgow Marriage Counselling Service, the sister company of Relate, in 1999, and has been helping couples reconnect and repair their relationships ever since. She, in turn, carefully selects the counsellors she works with, ensuring each one has not only excellent qualifications and experience but the warmth and dedication you would want from your couple’s counsellor.

“We would never have believed the changes that Florence has made to our relationship; we really thought we were on the verge of separating. Our relationship is work in progress but 100% better than the 1st day we set foot in her room. Florence is very easy to talk to and has taught us that our differences in nature are what make us work as a couple. She has amazing insight. This is evident in how well she knows and can read us both as individuals. Florence has not only helped us with our relationship but, in turn, helped us deal with our own life experiences, past and present. We definitely know ourselves as individuals so much better. We can’t thank Florence enough and would recommend her counselling to anyone.”

Your First Session

During your first couple’s counselling session the counsellor will:

  • Establish an overall view of your relationship and the challenges that have brought you to us
  • Examine what you want to achieve with your counselling
  • Explore the reasons why you individually feel that your relationship is no longer working
  • Encourage you to ask any questions or raise any concerns you may have about the couple’s counselling process
  • Allow you to get a feel for what couple’s counselling involves and how you will benefit
  • Design a support plan for you which may include: directed reading, worksheets and work to do at home between sessions
  • Discuss the practicalities of your counselling journey, including the number and length of the sessions you will require and your availability

Getting Started

We offer evening and weekend appointments in addition to our daytime availability. Each session lasts between 50 and 90 minutes, depending on your individual needs, and will be carried out in our warm and welcoming Glasgow-based counselling rooms.

We understand that the decision to embark upon couple’s counselling was a hard one and getting started feels urgent — finding out that everywhere has a 6-8 week waiting list can be soul-destroying. We always leave a few free spaces in our busy schedule to accommodate new clients so we can promise you an initial assessment within 48 hours and a waiting list of no longer than a week.

“If you think you need marriage guidance, you do and don’t ignore the warning signs; anything is fixable if you do it early enough”

Call our receptionist now on 0141 353 9373 and Florence will be in touch within 24 hours to arrange your initial session.

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We aim to ensure that every client feels safe in the knowledge that they have found a professional couple counselling organisation that understands the challenges and concerns they face when they decide to seek assistance to resolve relationships issues. When you contact Nightingale we will respond immediately to all enquiries and can guarantee an appointment within 48 hours. Contact us on 0141 353 9373, Email us or complete our online Enquiry Form.

"Our marriage had been going through a rough patch after 15 years together, we were keen to work things out but there was too much blame and upset to resolve and we needed help. Due to the intimate nature of counselling we needed to know that whoever we opened up to would work with us and guide us to conclude longstanding issues of conflict, trust and intimacy. Florence came highly recommended by a family member, and over several sessions she helped us break down and understand the reasons for our issues, allowing us to alter our behaviour and rebuild our relationship. Our marriage has been transformed...  we have grown closer, have a stronger understanding and appreciation of each other, and the fun factor of our relationship has returned. Thank you Florence for helping us find each other again."

Our Counselling Fees:

Individual Sessions £60

Couple Sessions £70

Florence Gray, Our Senior Counselling Consultant, carries her own fee structure. Her fees will be discussed on your initial Assessment Session.

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